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FIGHT against cyberbullying

Since social media is a major part of our lives, at least for most of us, what you post and what you say on social media can be seen by thousands of people and potentially reach millions. Therefore cyber bullies can easily target you or anyone. When you encounter a cyber bully they will most likely try to make you ashamed of yourself and lesser usually to feel better about themselves.

The most common form of cyber bullying now days is body shaming because everyone posts selfies and photos of themselves, which makes it easy for cyber bullies.

Recently one of my daughters experienced cyber bullying as a result of a photo she posted on social media. I had no idea how hateful people can be. However her response was different than what I thought, she was strong and reacted different than how I would have reacted.

Here are some tips I have learned from her experience:

1. Ignore:

Bullies sole purpose is to hurt you and see that it hurts you. Ignoring them can make them stop what they are doing because they see its not affecting you; therefore it’s a waste of their time. In most cases when the bully sees that you are ignoring them completely they will leave you alone and try somewhere else.

2. Don’t let them think it hurts you:

If ignoring them did not work and they keep persisting then you might want to try showing them it does not hurt you. My daughter decided to skip number one and go straight to this step. What she did was reply to the bully’s comment in a nice and well-mannered way. Here is the comment and reply from my daughter:

This not only showed the bully that it did not affect her but also showed everyone that she was confident and didn’t care or was not going to be hurt by anyone’s mean comments. This can make the bully realize they are wasting their time with you and stop bullying you.

3. Fight back:

If ignoring them or letting them know they don’t affect you then, you can choose to fight back. You might think fighting back requires to basically use force or use the same type of bullying they did to you, back at them, but that’s not the case. What I mean by fighting back is to expose them for who they are. One very effective way to fight back is to take a picture of the their comments and posting it anywhere on social media. This will completely expose them to everyone and everyone can see how rude and mean they can truly be. My daughter did this exactly and people from all over the world started supporting her and commenting on her post that she shouldn’t listen to the mean comments and that she was perfect just the way she is.

A lot of people on social media can see your posts and may start to support you.

4. Get supporters:

Talk to someone you trust about what is happening to you. People that are close to you and care about you. Whether they are on social media or your friends and family you can tell them what is happening and they can support you……asdfasdfasdf

5. Raise awareness:

If you feel this is something that is going to help others post it on your social media so others can see and learn. If you think that you did something that

6. Share this link to who you think needs help:

If you thought that this link was helpful in anyway and you know someone that needs help with cyber bullying, perhaps if you are one of the supporter’s then you might want to consider sharing this link to spread the awareness of cyber bullying and good ways to stop these bullies.

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