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YouTube Star! Ameerah Navalua better known for "Just Ameerah" and "The Navalua Family" YouTube Channels. Ameerah is the youngest of the family,girly, sweet, kind, adorable but sometime blunt and sarcastic,  is an actress, dancer, and singer.She's what we know as a triple threat performer.

Ameerah is always very busy with school and working very hard as a performer. Every week she shares comedy sketches, DIYs, Hacks, reviews and much more on her YouTube channel “Just Ameerah” and other events.

Born in Scottsdale Arizona, Ameerah is a typical 8th grader with dreams and ambitions. Ameerah’s passion for acting was what led her to start a youtube channel along with her family.


Ameerah has appeared on various television shows like Uncle Buck, Angel from Hell, New Girl, Mascot, and The Middle. She has also has been part of different music videos, PSAs, and commercials.   

About us

The Navalua Family
Every family has a story... Welcome to ours! And become part of our family!!!
Our goal is to have fun and make you smile!!!
We can be crazy, chaotic, loud, imperfect but a very close family.

Youtube Channel

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out my channel! I love to make videos thats my hobby and it just makes me happy. I would love to hear what you have to say so don't be shy to comment and I will make sure to respond. I will be posting videos on DIY's, Beauty tips, Skits, and more :D


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