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Our Body Shaming Story

What’s up guys welcome to the Navalua family blogs, this is our first blogs ever.So recently we decided to make a Halloween skit and we were the three Harley queen and you can click here to see it. So when we took the video, we thought why don’t we just take some pictures too while we are at it. Then we liked the pictures so much that we decided to post it on Instagram and Facebook you know like everyone does nowadays because we liked how we looked. Moments later we started getting hate comments saying things like “Burger Quinn”, “they ate the rest of the squad”, “Fat, Fatter, Fattest”, etc… I started to feel a little bit ashamed and embarrassed about myself, but then my daughter Jamileh was not sad about it but actually mad and surprise that people would actually take the time to write these hurtful comments so she decided to take this matter into her own hands.I immediately wanted to take the photo down and move on because I was so ashamed.

Jamileh took a picture along with a comment that really stood out to her cropped them together to post it on social media, saying that she was very surprised that people would take the time to write such horrible comments just to put someone else down. I agreed, I was so furious and depressed that someone would take their time out of their day for the sole purpose of putting someone down.We immediately started to get positive comments and lots of people were supporting us.Tons of positive feedbacks and comments were flooding in and we were very happy to see that there were good people supporting us.

This experience has made us realize that so many people are being cyberbullied in today's world and a lot of people get very hurt by it and don’t know how to react. So we decided to raise the awareness to more people and people more active on this subject. So we thought “what a better way to spread the awareness than to just share our story with the world”. We shared the post around the social media and got so many feedbacks. Shortly after the news contacted asking to do an interview to Jamileh about what happened. We’ve gotten so much good response and so many people have told us that we’ve helped them so we decided to make a little YouTube video about what happened.

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